Cleaning your football boots can be a laborious task that can become a chore, so read our handy guide to lighten the burden and get them done in no time!

Health guidelines suggest adults should remain active, with vigorous activities like football ensuring we stay fit and healthy and football is one of the most popular sports that individuals and families alike take part in. Ensuring that you buy some quality
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It is suggested that after playing your football match, you should ensure you loosen the laces so you can easily remove your boots. As tempting as it is – don’t kick your boots off by the heel! Remove any loose dirt from your boots by knocking them together and brushing them with a hard brush. Never use a wire brush, as this can damage your boots. Instead, use a brush with natural bristles. Afterwards, wipe your boots using a damp cloth which will remove the smaller grains of dirt and mud. Ensure you don’t use cleaners, to avoid damaging your football boots.

Wet football boots

If you have been playing in wet conditions and your boots are damp, use a toothbrush to clear away any dirt that is trapped in the small grooves of the boot. Stuff newspaper into the football boots to maintain the shape and extract moisture. If your boots are really wet, the newspaper may need to be replaced daily.

The boots need to dry naturally. Do not use heat sources to dry them, as your boots will become stiff, and the adhesives used on the boots can deteriorate. Stiffened football boots are also weakened and more likely to rip during use. Deteriorated adhesives weaken the attachment of the upper to the sole plate. The sole plate can also warp if exposed to a heat source.

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Polish your football boots

When your boots have dried, grease the studs with a product such as Vaseline, which will prevent any rust and stop soil attaching to the studs. If your boots are made from a synthetic material, do not use a leather oil to polish them. Leather football boots retain their colour when polished. Allow at least 24 hours for the polish to set, and use natural leather oil to keep your football boots waterproof, and keep the leather supple. To clean or change the studs, use a slight lubricant on the stud thread, which will prevent rust if moisture permeates through.