Office Clothing for Men

Style implies certain restrictions in the choice of Office clothing, based on generally accepted rules of business etiquette. But changes in fashion have an impact on this area. Rules are softened; rigid frames are destroyed under the influence of fresh trends.

In recent years, several areas of office clothing fashion for men are developing. Designers try to cover any situation and various requirements of the business world to the appearance. The proposals of 2018 show that they are coping with this task very successfully.

Classic style

This direction is characterized by the most stringent rules. Novelties from the latest collections of popular brands fully meet the high requirements of the classic dress code.

Office Clothing for Men

The style of straight trousers remains unchanged. But the jackets have undergone some changes:

  • Single-breasted models were slightly trimmed with cuts. It would seem, a slight nuance, but these styles sit on the figure, like poured and visually emphasize the width of the shoulders of a man.
  • Again in the trend of blazers. Tom Brown and Ralph Lauren paid special attention to jackets with patch pockets. This summer designers offer to combine black and dark blue blazers with white trousers.
  • This season, the return of double-breasted jackets took place. Pay attention to the overuse models, which look stylish and modern in laconic monochrome images.

In 2018, smooth and soft fabrics have lost relevance. Today in the trend textured materials with a glossy texture. Do not be confined to plain trouser suits. The popularity of the cell and vertical strip is growing. It is important only to remember the rule that in a formal setting a fine pattern on the fabric is appropriate.

Office Clothing for Men

The standard of the classical image remained the same. A strict suit of black, gray, dark brown or blue, the shirt is lighter in several shades. The novelty of the image will bring a bright tie. If the dress code does not provide for such liberties, choose an accessory that contrasts with the suit by texture.

Many designers do not violate the tradition and offer to complement the business suit with classic oxfords or brags. But young and progressive men will like the images from Versace. In 2018 Donatella recommends combining strict images with brutal boots in rocker style, decorated with belts and buckles. Contrary to established traditions, this combination looks very harmonious.

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Actual trends in the democratic style of Casual

In modern companies, whose activities are related to technology, and young entrepreneurs, the rules of the dress code are far from the classics. For the new generation, comfort is important, and the casual provides it in full.

Office Clothing for Men

The style is becoming more popular every year and is presented in fashion shows 2018 very diverse:

  • In the trend, straight jeans are dark. Ragged knees and narrowed skinning went out of fashion. The classic models of dark denim with a high fit are actual. They are ideal for everyday office clothing.
  • For the summer designers offer to buy light trousers of a sports style, assembled below a wide elastic band.
  • The popularity of the At leisure style influenced the business images of young men. A vivid manifestation of this trend was shortened jackets-bombers, voluminous swiss shots, and sweatshirts, sneakers.
  • In many collections, there are shirts and waistcoats of free cut with asymmetric elements. Popular spectacular prints, asymmetric decor.

Neutral shades are typical for casuals. But this year the designers have expanded the palette by offering bright colors.

Smart casual – a new direction of office clothing

This current appeared about 10 years ago as an attempt to live a little and add chic to the dull business images. It is characterized by a mixture of elements of classic and classic style.

Office Clothing for Men

In 2018 the popularity of the direction increased and received a lot of interesting manifestations:

  • A stylish combination of strict suits with turtlenecks.
  • Jeans, elegant shirts, classic jackets, brogues or desert boots in contrasting colors.
  • In the smart cache, accessories are important. Complement your costumes in pastel colors with contrasting belts, large sports watches, ties with bright pictures. The combination of classic trousers and shoes is perfectly revived by colorful socks.
  • In summer designers offer to replace shirts with linen tunics or shirts with ethnic patterns. They are recommended to combine with light straight trousers to the ankles.

The popularity of corduroy and suede is growing. If you are not ready to purchase a suit or jacket from these materials, choose clothes with inserts. Textural contrasts are still relevant.

Fashionable colors

Black, blue, gray and brown firmly holds popularity. They are practical and harmoniously combined with shirts of pastel tones.

Office Clothing for Men

But in 2018, new shades appeared on the catwalks, which are sure to interest the men who are following the fashion:

  • Cinnamon and coffee beans. Unlike the gloomy dark brown, these tones are refreshing.
  • The shade of suede. A mix of white, mustard and graphite is quite appropriate in business style, but it looks very fresh and elegant.
  • Deep and noble male color. Due to its versatility, it has been in demand for several seasons. In 2018, graphite color suits are recommended to be combined with gently-lilac shirts and bright accessories.
  • The shade is very much for brunettes with brown eyes. It is perfectly complemented by black and burgundy clothing, soft white tones.

Men’s fashion is full of many interesting solutions. In recent years, designers have paid great attention to business clothes and expand the scope of perceptions of relevance in the office clothing style. Not ready for radical changes?

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Begin with minor nuances in the search for new styles, shades or original accessories. They will allow looking stylish and modern even in the framework of a strict dress code.

By Madani